Planning your new custom home is so exciting!  And from working with the architect to meeting with Heritage Custom Builders, you’re probably hearing a great deal about smart home technology. But is a smart home really a wise investment? 

The Definition of a Smart Home

Basically a smart home is a residence with internet connectivity that utilizes network connected devices to remotely control a range of tasks which previously were done through manual labor. Smart home features can be operated through a centralized program or application, artificial intelligence or voice commands. 

Smart Home Options

While you may ask Alexis to play music or use your smartphone to check on the kids and pets via your interior security cameras, there is so much more available when it comes to selecting smart home options. Custom home construction allows you to personalize your home to your specifications for the ultimate in convenience.

  • Heating and cooling technology is extremely popular especially in terms of energy efficiency. Smart room vents that automatically sense and adjust each room’s temperature can be integrated with a smart technology thermostat. Smart ceiling fans automatically turn on and off as people enter and exit a room. And all can be managed through a central smart home control panel located on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. 
  • When it comes to home appliances, refrigerators take the lead, though washers, dryers and dishwashers are now running a close second. Smart refrigerators incorporate features that not only make you sit up and take notice but also are super practical. For example, there is now a smart fridge with an integrated touch screen for ordering groceries online. Smart dishwashers, along with washers and dryers, offer the ability to remotely start a cycle, sense and then dispense the correct amount of water and detergent needed for the weight of the load, and then send an alert when the cycle is complete. 
  • Security is always a concern. From complete interior and exterior cameras and lighting options, doorbell video cameras, facial recognition entry door locks, garage door openers that operate via an app and integrated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, your home is protected and monitored 24/7. 
  • A home complete with integrated smart home technology adds to the overall property value. Many potential homebuyers are interested in a property that already has all the “bells and whistles” set up and ready to go. And surveys indicate interest in smart home functionality crosses all generational levels. 

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