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Specializing in the modification of existing homes

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With today’s fast paced life-style we rarely spend the time needed to strengthen our bonds. Let us help you create a kitchen where your family and friends not only share a meal together, but where you share your lives.
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Very few design build firms take the time necessary to make your home’s additions or renovations not look like an afterthought. We carefully listen to your needs and desires, utilizing our knowledge of construction, as we transform your existing house into a home that fulfills the desires of how you want to live now. Your new space will not only enhance the interior of the home but be consistent with your homes exterior style.

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Your bathroom is a personal sanctuary that sets the tone for both the beginning and ending of your day. In the last decade, baths have transformed from their past utilitarian driven designs to larger more spacious layouts. Enhancing your bath will pay huge dividends if you decide to sell your home. Be forewarned, when we complete your new bathroom, it will be very difficult to part with.


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Most people, when selecting a partner for their new project, are focused on what a company can do. While Heritage Custom Builders is the best company in Greenville, South Carolina for the modification of existing homes, its who we are that truly separates us from every other company.

Several years ago, through a mutual friend’s recommendation, Rob Young and Lucas Anthony partnered together on a project. During the construction of that project they realized that they shared the same high standards of quality virtually non existent in todays construction industry. In years past, construction wasn't just a career or a way to earn money, it was a noble profession in which the craftsman took great pride in completing every task to the best of their abilities. Their work wasn't discarded after a few years, it was timeless, it was their Heritage. Today, Heritage Custom Builders keeps the tradition of craftsmanship alive while utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to produce something worth handing down.

“While we are talented with our hands, we are even more talented with our ears.”
We start each project with a very lengthy discovery process. We want to learn everything about who you are, what you do, and how you currently live, but more importantly, how you want to live.

Armed with this enormous amount of detail we then begin assessing your existing home. We take detailed measurements, locate and inspect the existing electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems. We note all interior finishes, shoot grade elevations, locate property boundaries, and identify setbacks and local restrictions. When finished we will know your home as well as the contractor who originally constructed it.

At this point, depending on the size and scope of the project and our current work load we will either set up a meeting with one of our architectural partners to begin the architectural design process, or we will utilize our in house design team to produce a three dimensional computer generated model of your new home. Once the construction documents are complete we will provide you with an extremely detailed itemized estimate. Once we both have a clear understanding of what is expected from each other the real fun begins.

We treat your home as if it were our home. This process starts with protection of your home by isolating the area where the construction will take place. Cleanliness is extremely important to us, and to maintain immaculate conditions we do a soft cleaning of the project area at the end of each day and a deep clean at end of every week. We maintain a highly trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff which allows us to deliver unmatched value. Communication is where most residential construction companies fall short. We understand that communication is the key to a successful project. Our goal isn’t for you to be happy with your new home, our goal is for you to be ecstatic about it. We are perfectionist, and we use all the resources available to deliver perfection. There are many contractors that do renovations, additions, and remodeling, but very few do it with passion.

We believe the process of designing and constructing your project should be as enjoyable as the finished product. Throughout this intimate process we form lifelong relationships. Over 75% of our business is repeat customers. All of our work has a lifetime guarantee, while we are rarely contacted to repair or correct our work we are frequently called by our clients to address issues in other parts of their home. While we are experts in building homes we are even better at building relationships.


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Lucas Anthony

Lucas Anthony, a native of the Upstate, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Presbyterian College in 2001. After college Lucas followed his passion for construction by taking a job as an apprentice for a local custom builder. Alan Hardin, was an “old school” builder who built everything with his own two hands. He was able to teach Lucas the art of construction, but the more importantly the significance of doing everything the best it can be done.

After receiving his real life education, Lucas was hired by the Cliffs Communities as a Construction Project Manager. In this role he learned the importance of the construction process. In his first year as a project manager Lucas managed construction projects in excess of 32 million. He learned that without detailed communication, and accurate scheduling it is impossible to deliver a quality project, on time, and within the allotted budget. Over the next Ten years Lucas had many different roles at the Cliffs and gain a vast amount of experience in Development, Sales, and Marketing.

While at the Cliffs, Lucas managed over 233 million in commercial and residential construction, built over 120 homes, and developed over 7500 acres of land. In 2012 the Cliffs changed ownership and Lucas saw this as an opportunity to pursue his dream of starting his own company and Heritage Custom Builders was born. In addition to his role as CEO of Heritage Custom Builders, Lucas is also President of Heritage Development Group, LLC. and Heritage Energy Solutions, Inc. Lucas resides in Easley, SC with his wife, Betsy Anthony, and their children, Jase, Leighton. and Grayson. He is an active board member of two charitable organizations, Carolina Legacy and Pinnacle Partners. In addition to serving his community in those roles he is an active member of his church, Grace. His parents taught him at an early age, “When much is given, much is expected”. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve others to the best of his abilities.

rob young profile

Rob Young

Rob began his career as a carpenter here in Greenville during the 1980’s. His ability for quality workmanship and his commitment to his trade quickly propelled him into becoming a prominent Custom Builder in the Up Country. He is a Certified Master Builder, Certified Master Remodeler, and Restoration Expert. Rob has over 25 years’ experience working in some of Greenville’s most notable and established homes.

“We have provided services for anything from small repair work, to additions and renovation, to building new multi-million-dollar new homes. I have enjoyed the diversity of working on both new construction and the remodeling of existing homes over the past 25 years. Though my primary focus is renovating and restoring existing homes I enjoy our unique ability to do both. Most importantly I have had the privilege of working with remarkable clients over the years. My hope would be to leave behind a personal legacy of being known as a disciple of Jesus and a loving husband. Followed by a professional legacy of excellence in my craft as well as being able to fulfill the needs of our clients.”

Rob’s goal is to “help homeowners love where they already live”. Rob has honed his knowledge and skills over the past 25 years in order to always deliver the highest quality product and unique personalized customer service.

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[anps_list class=”circle-arrow”][list_item]Renovations – Improving, repairing or updating an existing or outdated structure.[/list_item][list_item]Remodeling – Changing or altering an existing structure.[/list_item][list_item]Home Additions – Adding a new living area to an existing structure.[/list_item][list_item]Historical Renovations – Preserving, protecting, and restoring a structure of historical significance[/list_item][/anps_list]

“Many people use the above words interchangeably but they are significantly different.“

While we have the capabilities to do all of the aforementioned processes we will advise you on their unique differences and will guide you in selecting which method is right for you. We are very sensitive to the costs of construction in regards to modifying an existing home which is why we believe our first priority is to create a design that not only achieves your goals, but does so within your budget.

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Lucas Anthony and his team renovated three rooms in our house this past year. Throughout my time with this amazing company I never had a single issue. These guys showed up on time every day, always went the extra mile, and always followed through. They cared about my family and every last detail of our home. In addition to their hard work, they would occasionally take out my kitchen trash, change light bulbs that needed changing, and vacuum rooms that needed vacuuming They served our family through the whole renovation process. From the time they walked through the doors of our home I knew they were different than your average guys. Their faith was reflected in the way they treated my family and the manner in which the conducted themselves. I have so much respect for all of these guys as a company and as men. I couldn’t be happier with the three rooms that they renovated. They listened to everything I was hoping to achieve in these renovations and the outcome surpassed my expectations fully. They were conscience of our budget as well, which kept the stress of the project low for our family. I just can’t say enough great things about Heritage Custom Builders. If you are looking to use any of the services they offer, I promise you won’t find a better company to work with.

Kelly Ford, Greenville SC

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We are a service company first and construction company second.
If you are trying to determine if starting a project is the right decision for your situation give us a call. We are here to help.



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